ICP Logistics has expanded its installations with a new high-efficiency automatic warehousing and order processing system, becoming the first logistics company in Europe to deploy this technology from SSI Schaefer.

A leader in technological innovation and committed to the development of new technologies with logistics process applications, ICP’s installations are equipped with robotic and automated warehousing and picking systems.  ICP is a prime example of innovation applied to the supply chain. It offers a first-rate, tailored service capable of anticipating change in an ever-evolving market.

New warehousing and picking shuttle system

Due to increased demand, ICP is growing its capacity with the installation of a high-efficiency automated warehouse at its headquarters in Meco, Madrid.

ICP’s philosophy of innovation and continuous improvement has spurred its team of engineers to seek the most advanced system on the market, turning to Schaefer as its supplier for the installation of a warehousing system capable of handling 18,490 trays, thereby doubling its performance.

A first in Europe, this system will speed up order processing, the better to meet the requirements of today’s consumers: same day and 2-hour deliveries.

Technological innovation

This warehousing and picking system has a supply capability of 1,400 double cycles per hour which will convey items to the ergonomic picking stations, with a processing capacity of 5,000 lines per hour.

The operation of this new system is designed to minimise possible deviations, with goods controlled continuously throughout the picking process. This comprehensive control is performed by a system that verifies the references included in each order, using a laser system that checks the EAN code and weight of the item, establishing whether they match the information on the order.

The addition of the shuttle delivers improved performance and productivity, flattening the demand curve and handling highly variable orders speedily and efficiently.

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