Technological innovation applied to the supply chain is one of the cornerstones of ICP’s offer of state-of-the-art solutions.


Technological innovation applied to the supply chain is one of the cornerstones of ICP’s offer of state-of-the-art solutions.


Our facilities are equipped with the most innovative technology to offer the best storage options.

We have specific locations for products according to their rotation and volume. The warehouse is integrated in real time with our clients’ websites to ensure there is real knowledge of the stock for each reference and to avoid both stock breakage and overstock.


The goal of an eCommerce business is to gain the trust and loyalty of its customers. The application of omnichannel strategies in communications with clients plays a fundamental role in this.

How do we apply this strategy?

At ICP, all communication channels and all logistics channels are integrated to provide customers with all the information regarding their orders, in real time. We provide our clients with multiple communication channels such as chat, twitter, SMS, email or a call centre service.
The result is a more flexible logistics operation where customers can make changes to their orders or to the delivery instructions, throughout the process, through any platform.


Last mile delivery has become a challenge that every eCommerce business must face. The boom in Internet sales has made it necessary to expand the options to effectively address this critical point.
At ICP we have developed delivery services tailored to the preferences of each client so that they are the ones who choose when and where they want their order:

Order tracking with alerts


Rescheduling of deliveries

Convenient points

Deliveries at agreed times

Deliveries in 24 hours and weekends


Our logistics management tools are fully integrated with any online sales platform (Magento, Presatashop, WooCommerce…) improving the customer shopping experience in eCommerce.

All the logistics processes are connected in a network enabling the automatic synchronisation of stock between online shop and warehouse and automatic order management and reference updates.

Still without an online sales platform?

Don’t worry. ICP analyses your needs and advises you on choosing the most suitable content management system for your eCommerce initiative. In addition, we take care of creating and designing your shop to reflect the values that identify you so you can start selling.


Packaging is another element in your communication strategy – it’s the presentation card for your eCommerce initiative. We know that this first impression is never forgotten.
To help your online shop stand out, we offer an exclusive design and customisation service, aimed at transmitting your brand image from the moment the package reaches the customer.


Exchanges and returns have a direct impact on customer satisfaction.
How reverse logistics are managed in an eCommerce business is essential to transforming a negative experience into a positive one. The incorporation of analysis processes through Big Data and Business Intelligence, allow us to predict the rate of returns and make decisions in real time to minimize the impact on consumer perception.
Thanks to the information that these analysis tools provide, we can develop services as specialised as delivery with collection, in which the new shipment and the return are carried out simultaneously.


A quality photograph of the products on the online shop can be decisive in securing a sale.

At ICP we have an automated photo studio to capture images in 2D, 3D and 360°. This powerful photo editing software allows the registration of new items on the online shop in just a few minutes.


Logistics and eCommerce are inseparable when it comes to success. This led us to develop new services beyond logistics, which give online shops the opportunity to keep growing.

Customer service for order tracking through our call centre

Preparation of personalised orders: personalised cards, perfume, rose petals, etc..

Special handling: shrink wrapping, promotional brochures, delicate products

Inbound marketing: marketing strategies to attract and retain customers

We are experts in logistics

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