The SPAT (Spanish acronym of Automatic Card Picking System) is located at our flagship building in Spain, and it is one of the leading automated systems at ICP Logistica.
The system was chosen not only for its excellent performance, but also because it has been entirely developed by the ICP team with the aim of optimizing the order preparation process of our client Orange. The result is an impressive improvement of the efficiency and accuracy in picking.

The robot is designed for the quick reading of serial numbers (ICCID) and EAN of SIM cards, thus increasing productivity as manual card reading on the preparation table is not necessary.

It has 4 arms that work simultaneously and in coordination. Each one of them completes the complete cycle (first it takes the card, this travels to the built in scanning system, the system then reads the card and then carries the card on to the down ramp) this whole process is completed in 4.5 seconds.

This allows a reading rate of about 50 cards per minute to be followed, almost 20,000 cards per day, with a success rate of 99.8%.

With this system, ICP has been able to work with more than 40 different SKUs, of various sizes, supplying the client with more than 170,000 cards per month.

The SPAT joins the range of automatization that ICP has throughout its facilities, in line with our commitment to innovate our clients supply chains for maximum efficiency, ICP Logistics is actively in search for new technologies to improve our internal processes to offer a all in one logistics solution.

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