The digital and Logistics reputation of an online business are intimately linked.  To meet the expectations of more demanding clients is not an easy task; the comments and posts published about your business will largely depend on the success to meet those expectations.

The digital image of your brand  does not depend solely on the Community Manager’s work. To have updated profiles and published content on social networks is no longer enough. The latest upgrade in the Google algorithm pays special attention to the user’s experience. In other words, Google focuses on the consumers’ feedback about a service or product placing comments and reviews at the top of their search engine.

What’s the role of Logistics in your online reputation? A mistake in the Logistics operation may translate into an unhappy customer, and an unhappy customer may upload negative reviews about your business.

Generally, the online customer’s satisfaction is linked to a quick, intuitive and secure buying process as well as a reduction in delivery time and a quality customer service.  These are the keys that will provide the online customer with a pleasant experience.

In order to avoid negative reviews, it is important to have a robust Logistics provider that eliminates the bottle necks in your supply chain:

  1. Stock reference update.  By automating the storage and booking in process, it is posible to identify any new reference in order to take the product photograph and incorporate  it into the online shop immediately. The latter would avoid problems with stock integrity and will keep your website updated in real time.
  2. Personalised orders.  The market demands the ability to customise orders, including fancy packaging adapted to the product, the addition of samples, discount vouchers or greeting cards. This process requires a considerable effort from the online business, therefore it is vital to have a partner with the ability to adapt to new trends.
  3. Best Transport partner.  To trust all your distribution to a single transport provider may turn out to be a risky option. It is a better option to have a portfolio of suppliers available that will guarantee the orders are shipped and delivered on time.
  4. Customer Service. The flow of information towards the client across the process through email and SMS is a must.  In order to enhance this process, it is recommendable to provide facilities such as a track & trace website and a Call Centre. These features allow the user to have a direct input in the delivery process by amending the delivery address and/or delivery dates, or simply arranging the return of the ítem. The latter will undoubtedly enhance the client’s experience in terms of security and trust.

These are the keys to improve the customer experience in your online shop and achieve a positive digital reputation that will help the positioning of your Brand in search engines as well as in the market.

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