The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest trend in technology that aims to make the connectivity amongst various devices available to the wider audience. The irruption of the IoT technology presents a challenge to the industry at a time where innovation is key to standing out from the competition.

The internet of Things is the network of everyday devices or “things” fitted with electronic sensors, software and network connectivity that are able to collect and exchange data such as consumer habits and behaviours. Nowadays, the use of Smartphones and Smart TVs is widespread in society, but the big technological firms are already extending their portfolio of intelligent devices.

According to the results of a survey carried out by Zebra Technologies Corporation, 97% of the companies consider that the Internet of Things is one of the technological initiatives that will make a larger impact in the coming years. The collection of consumer data will allow the companies to adapt the design and production of new products to the market requirements.

ICP is aware of the advantages that the IoT technology can bring into the Logistics sector and as part of our commitment to innovation, we are developing intelligent packaging consisting of several sensors that send real time information for each order:

  1. Geolocation: It locates the order on the map in real time
  2. Thermometer: It sends the temperature of the package, a key feature in industries such as pharma or food distribution.
  3. Humidity sensors: Measure the moisture level of the freight, which will useful to find out if the freight sustained wáter damage, and if so, where and when.
  4. Movement and crash sensors: These sensors record events where the freight is hit, crashed or moved violently in order to monitor the shipment quality across the various stages and in case of damage, identify where and when that happened.

The collection and analysis of this data will allow the client to proactively manage their distribution by highlighting and addressing any delivery issues immediately. This new project is another milestone in the data collection and system integration work that ICP’s Software developers have been undertaking since the Company’s inception.

ICP Logistics is an example of technological innovation applied to operational processes, consolidating our position as market leader and offering our clients the best service and working with anticipation to the changes dictated by a market in constant evolution.

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