Strategic Policy

Mission of the ICP Group
Mission of the ICP Group

To provide relevant and competitive value to the client in satisfying their current and future logistical needs and expectations.

This value contribution is also aimed at the stakeholders in the environment where the organisation interacts, through its involvement in the collective objectives of sustainable, social and environmental development.

ICP’s Management is firmly committed to complying with the current applicable Regulations and Legislation, as well as with other requirements that the organisation subscribes to and that regulate aspects related to quality, environment and safety.

VISION of the ICP Group
Vision of the ICP Group

To become the leading strategic ally for our clients and suppliers, turning their objectives into ours. To do this, we get involved in our clients’ competitive strategies through our integration and that of our suppliers in their business culture.

To develop a solid and leading position in the best market segments.

To understand our main competitors, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Values of the ICP Group

The corporate values that define ICP are as follows:


We identify and analyse our clients’ current and future needs, perceptions, preferences and behaviours.


We are committed to research and innovation as a strategy to anticipate and adapt to the demands of a sector that is constantly evolving.


We are committed to people, promoting teamwork, recruiting talent and the involvement and engagement of everyone in the development and success of the company.


We build a brand image that represents our identity and our corporate culture. We use the most efficient promotional and marketing tools to communicate it.


We keep a tight control over our products and services, seeking the highest level of excellence.


We are constantly analysing, developing and implementing new projects to achieve goals and objectives.