Computer programming students are being trained by the ICP Logistics team

ICP Logistics is investing in the continuous training of our workforce with the best experts in each field so we can continue to offer the best services to our clients.

The development of our own software has become one of the key contributing factors to the company´s success; ICP Logistics has a team of 35 in-house developers dedicated to developing and automating all our logistics processes.

ICP has acknowledged the need to train young talent and we have realized the potential benefits received by being trained by our professionals. With this in mind, ICP has launched an initiative with the goal of developing new talent – this new initiative consists of 500 hours programming combined with an internship in the ICP Development / IT department.

Throughout the training students are exposed to real-time development projects with ICP programmers and have the opportunity to utilize tools like Visual Studio.Net and SQL.Server.

Once the training is finished, the 15 participants (chosen by the results of a skills test) will have the opportunity to join the ICP team in one of 7 exclusive positions created for this program.

ICP continues to grow by incorporating new technology in our team and investing in young people.

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