The logistics industry is one of the most competitive worldwide and this is largely due to all the technology that is developed for this sector. Offering the best logistics solutions is only possible if companies invest in the automation of their warehouses.

The impact of optimally integrated automation in the supply chain can be enormous. Automated systems allow us to faithfully repeat recurrent tasks, provided that the computer systems under which they work are well implemented.

At ICP, every day we face an ever-changing and extremely demanding market, where B2B and B2C distribution and eCommerce with 24h delivery times, force all the links in the supply chain to perform the same processes with higher quality in less time.

The automated technologies themselves offer us a truly differential value when it comes to carrying out logistics operations. Our IT team develops specific software for each of the automation technologies we implement, so that we can increase productivity by 40%.

Proceso de implantación de automatismos

The implementation of new technology must be carried out in a way that will not affect the logistics processes involved during the deployment.

First we detect the tasks that can be automated and parametrised within the warehouse. Then we search for the best automated solution that provides the greatest value, efficiency and productivity to the supply chain.

The next steps are aimed at the actual installation part: hardware assembly and system development and integration.

A trial period is then stipulated to ensure that the new operation works. Finally, the system is commissioned and a maintenance plan is established.

At ICP we have a project team and an IT team that analyses each new deployment to ensure that it is implemented quickly and efficiently.

automated warehouses

Automated warehouses

There are all kinds of automated systems that allow us to strengthen specific links in the logistics chain.

  • Miniloads: Essential for the preparation of orders made up of type A references (references with high rotation), where the same reference is involved in the preparation of several orders, ideal for B2B preparations for shops. This system has a picking capacity of up to 1,500 lines/hour.
  • Multishuttle: Automatic storage system for multi-reference locations and order preparation where type C references are involved, very relevant for B2C eCommerce preparation. Multishuttles move more than 600 boxes/hour.
  • AS/RS: Automatic Storage and Retrieval System that works in a similar way to a miniload but with higher volume locations.
  • Sorter: Can classify more than 4,000 orders/hour per carrier. Perfect for the goods dispatch process.
  • Automatic bagging machine: Ideal for the automatic preparation and checking of orders, it also prints documents and sticks transport labels. It has a capacity of up to 2,000 orders/hour.
  • ACPS: Automatic Card Picking System with a capacity of up to 16,000 cards/day.

At ICP we see automation as the technology aimed at increasing efficiency and safety at work, where decision making by ICP professionals remains key to offering a quality logistics service.

The future

To talk about ICP is to talk about technological innovation and process development.

The constant search for innovative investments that can bring added value to the supply chain is part of our strategic line of work and is vital to our growth.

This is reflected in several projects that we will be carrying out in 2019, including the implementation of two new multishuttles for our facilities in Meco 1 and Guada 1.

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