Good logistics performance and the right management of the supply chain are essential for a successful eCommerce operation.

Making on-time deliveries is key to meeting your clients’ expectations. In addition to delivering on time, if you are able to personalize the packaging, you will exceed your clients’ expectations and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Which are the most important aspects to consider when choosing the best logistics operator? We highlight 10 essential key  points to consider to achieve success in your eCommerce business:

  1. Supplier management for goods inwards.
  2. Sorting and storage of goods, automating the process to achieve high standards in stock integrity.
  3. A robust Warehouse Management System which allows full integration with your ERP, enabling stock level checks in real time.
  4. Flexibility, to be able to adapt the processes to any changes achieving the best results
  5. Adaptability, to provide a rapid response in a short timeframe
  6. Constant innovation for the evolution and improvement of processes, thus optimizing costs and time.
  7. Customizing orders, utilizing your branded packaging .
  8. Multiple delivery options with the ability of choosing the best carrier for each service and destination.
  9. Full order traceability, online and through email notifications and SMS.
  10. Customer service, with an after sales service that will handle any issues and questions throughout the process, as well as managing exchanges and returns in accordance with reverse logistics processes.

When choosing, one must not merely take just these10 points into account, but rather one should look for a logistic supplier backed up with a high level of experience and reinforced by a professional team focused on the constant improvement to ensure the success of your online store.

ICP has been meeting these requirements for the past 18 years, which has consolidated our position among the top 10 logistics operators. This year, ICP has renewed its commitment to eCommerce and strengthened its leadership on the sector. ICP offers an advanced logistics service that manages the supply change, from contact with suppliers to delivery to end users, operating both direct and reverse logistics.

Partnering with a logistic operator like ICP, capable of managing more than 95,000 orders a day, is a guarantee for success of your online store. ICP has more than 60,000sqm of installations equipped with the latest technologies on the market and  our robotized and automated warehouses allows us to achieve the best results whilst optimizing time and costs.

Despite our size, ICP remains a flexible logistics operator, which offering custom services to add value to your business. To partner with ICP, that works every day to improve our consumers’ satisfaction, means to invest in your business growth.

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