Security Management Policy


ICP is a company devoted to logistics and the warehousing and road transport of goods, especially high value goods. We have a distinguishing approach to the development of processes tailored to each client and to technological innovation, allowing us to automate all processes involved in order management, storage and flows, and to synchronize with our clients’ and suppliers’ external processes.


The top priority of ICP is to carry out these activities under the appropriate safety and security conditions and to maintain facilities and activities in accordance with local, regional and state laws, complying with European and international regulations and other requirements of our clients and stakeholders, while preserving the health and safety of the staff, public and environment.


Considering the current economic context and the threats and risks to safety and security that affect our business, we have made the following commitments:

  • At ICP, we are committed to developing our activities by improving safety and security in the supply chain, and to constantly improve our safety and security management practices. Therefore, we have implemented a Security Management System for the Supply Chain (SMSSC) in accordance with the ISO 28000 Standard, applicable to our operations of reception, handling, transport, storage and disposal of goods, supported by this Security Management Policy.
  • We establish short and long term safety and security management targets, goals and programmes, and verify their implementation and monitoring.
  • We guarantee transparency and information regarding our activity, providing our stakeholders with an annual report covering the targets achieved.

For this purpose, the senior management of ICP S.A., declares that the company:

  • Commits to maintaining a SMSSC, directing its efforts to the pursuit of a higher level of safety and security in our transport, through ongoing improvements.
  • Provides a safe and secure environment for all operations involved in the supply chain, including the protection of our employees and the goods transported.
  • Complies with all applicable legal requirements and other specific requirements subscribed to by ICP S.A. regarding safety and security management in the supply chain.
  • Complies with the standards of the international certification drawn up by TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association), for security in facilities (FSR-TAPA).
  • Evaluates and identifies all the threats to the security of our business, in order to evaluate the associated risks.
  • Periodically reviews the SMSSC, in order to improve it and adapt this Policy to the changing conditions of our environment.
  • Provides adequate training to staff, and encourages them to develop good safety and security practices at work.
  • Communicates this Policy to all ICP S.A. personnel and anyone working on its behalf, including contractors and visitors to our facilities.

Strengthens relationships based on mutual benefit with all stakeholders with whom we interact (clients, suppliers, market, government and society in general).